All the essential equipment to be at the forefront of fuel cell technology programmes

Our Research & Development facilities

NewCell Technologies has modern, well-equipped laboratories and scale-up facilities located in Newcastle in the north east of England. The company has available all the essential equipment needed to maintain a position at the forefront of its fuel cell and electrolyser development programmes. This includes:

  • Fuel cell and electrolyser test stations for low and high temperature PEM fuel cells
  • Fuel cell test systems for alcohol fuel cells
  • Electrochemical cells for electrocatalyst and membrane testing
  • A suite of computer controlled potentiostats for single electrode, electrocatalyst and fuel cell and electrolyser testing, including EIS, voltammetry and potentiodynamic analysis
  • Electrocatalyst and electrode fabrication facilities
  • Membrane electrode assembly fabrication and pressing capabilities
  • Membrane characterisation via conductivity, SEM, TEM, EDX, XRD, XPS

NewCell Technologies welcomes visits from its customers to see its extensive research and development facilities in Newcastle.