Ultra-low carbon & green hydrogren production


A key enabling energy storage technology involves the use of hydrogen. The purist hydrogen, suitable for fuel cell operation, can be generated by the electrochemical conversion of water to hydrogen and oxygen:

H2O <=> H2 + ½  O2

NewCell is developing several new concepts to capitalise on hydrogen as an energy vector. Technology breakthroughs being developed by NewCell include highly durable alkaline polymer membranes with low cost non-precious metal catalysts.

NewCell can also provide technological support for electrolyser development for waste minimisation, material recycling, effluent treatment, clean chemical synthesis and electrochemical membrane separations. Applications include treatment of hazardous wastes, water treatment and acid and base recovery. 

The UK faces many challenges around the supply of energy and its cost due to the growing pressure to reduce both national and global CO2 emissions. In response to this challenge, Innovate UK (formerly TSB) released £3 million of funding to support industry-led R&D projects in tomorrow’s energy technologies.

NewCell is developing new, low cost electrolyser technology for hydrogen production with the support of Innovate UK funding. This includes one of only seven projects chosen by Innovate UK in the Materials for Energy category which is titled “90% Lower cost alkaline electrolysers using novel catalyst and membranes to establish green hydrogen infrastructure for cross sectoral industrial markets.”

The project is targeting the delivery of a step change in the uptake of ultra-low carbon, green hydrogen production. The companies included in the collaboration with  NewCell Technologies  are  C-Tech Innovation, RE Hydrogen and Juwi together with the project partner Flexitricity.

A key to the success of the demonstration will be in its integration with renewably generated power from Juwi Solar and in the design of substantially lower cost electrolysers than those commercially available in the current market.