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Contract Services

NewCell Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Contract Services in fuel cell and electrolyser research and development. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fuel cell test stations for low and high temperature PEM fuel cells
  • Test stations for electrochemical generation of hydrogen
  • High pressure hydrogen electrolyser stack evaluation
  • Fuel cell test systems for alcohol fuel cells
  • Electrochemical cells for electrocatalyst and membrane testing
  • A suite of computer controlled potentiostats for single electrode, electrocatalyst and fuel cell testing including EIS, voltammetry and potentiodynamic analysis
  • Electrocatalyst and electrode fabrication facilities
  • Membrane electrode assembly fabrication and pressing capabilities
  • Membrane characterisation via conductivity, SEM, TEM, EDX, XRD, XPS

The company’s scientists and technologists have particular expertise in the development of novel catalysts and electrodes which includes:

  • Highly active, nanofabricated catalysts for fuel oxidation (anode) and oxygen reduction (cathode). Fuels include hydrogen, alcohols, ethers and bio-fuel
  • Novel electrode structures which reduce or eliminate the use of porous carbon for both anodes and cathodes in advanced polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells
  • Novel, low cost electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution

Design and Testing

NewCell Technologies offers a full design and testing service for fuel cells and electrolysers which includes the following:

  • Catalyst, Electrode and MEA Design
  • Membrane Fabrication and Characterisation
  • Fuel Cell and Electrolyser Testing (PEM, DMFC, Alkaline, Membrane)
  • System Optimisation
  • Component Design
  • Single Cell Test Cells

Analytical Services

All projects are specifically tailored to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of technical content, time frame and costs.

Strict confidentiality is an integral feature of all NewCell’s contract services.