About Us

NewCell Technologies was founded in 2008 with a commitment to developing its novel electrochemical technologies for commercial applications. NewCell’s expertise includes applications for fuel cells, electrochemical energy and environmental technologies.

  • With financial support from Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the company is developing new materials for lower cost alkaline electrolysers using novel catalysts and membranes to establish green hydrogen infrastructure for industrial markets
  • With financial backing from the NorthStar Proof of Concept fund, the company has developed its own patented TUFCEL technology for use in small remote power applications, e.g. signs, displays, power tools etc.
  • The company also offers a comprehensive range of contract R&D services covering all aspects of fuel cell technology. NewCell’s R&D programmes have the key central themes of (i) improving fuel cell efficiencies and (ii) lowering fuel cell costs.

NewCell Technologies is able to offer a unique blend of technical and business skills for R&D collaborative ventures using its novel electrochemical technologies.